Tree Service, Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Stump Grinding in Elkhart, Tx
We are fully licensed and insured Elkhart tree services company catering to residential and commercial clients in Elkhart, Texas.

Our Tree Services

Here is a list of all our services:

Tree Service in Elkhart, Tx

We offer a comprehensive range of tree services to cover all your needs. Whether you need tree removal, stump removals, stump grinding, lot clearing, land clearing, or brush clearing, we can help. We also know that some tasks can be urgent; we are local to your area and prompt with our response. No matter the scope or scale of the tree services job, we can handle the job to the highest safety standards using the latest equipment and tools.

Tree Removal in Elkhart, Tx

Removing a tree is a delicate task that demands experience, accuracy, and advanced equipment. Depending on the tree’s location and condition, we may use a crane or bucket truck for the tree removal. We will assess the tree’s immediate surroundings and use pulleys and ropes to ensure that any hardscaping or plantings aren’t harmed. If the tree is not accessible by cranes or trucks, our well-trained crew uses saddles and ropes to climb up the tree, carefully trim, and cut it from within the canopy.

Tree Removal Service in Elkhart, Tx

We never recommend removing trees unless it’s deemed necessary. However, dead, dying, and defective trees can be a safety concern, and we can help remove them to protect people and property. Tree removal requires considerable experience and training to perform this task successfully. At Tree Service, our employees are trained in the science and art of tree removal. We handle every job expertly and provide thorough debris cleanup, causing minimal impact to the surroundings and vegetation.

Stump Grinding Service in Elkhart, Tx

We offer efficient stump grinding services in Elkhart, Texas. Our team uses large stump grinders primarily for more expansive access areas or front yard stumps. The smaller stump grinders fit through typical backyard gates. We also use handheld stump grinders that can get to all those tough access tree stumps located in tight spaces. Our experienced estimator will determine which equipment is appropriate for your job. After grinding the stump, the crew will also backfill the void with the chips and grindings.

Stump Removal in Elkhart, Texas

Stump removal is a complex task, typically not included in the cost of tree removal, and it’s also why many people have old stumps in their yards. Tree stumps attract termites, are a tripping hazard, look unsightly, and can potentially regrow. But there is no tree stump we can’t remove! Depending on the stump condition and location, we may use chemicals, rot the tree stump, or remove it manually with chainsaws and shovels. We offer cost-effective stump removal services to property owners in Elkhart, Texas.

Lot Clearing/Land Clearing/Brush Clearing Elkhart

If you are developing your residential or commercial property, need to install a firebreak, or are looking to maintain it, call us to help with lot clearing, land clearing, or brush clearing. We have a seasoned team of experts in lot clearing for property enhancement and fire fuel reduction. Our company has the most advanced brush clearing and excavation equipment, and our highly skilled and experienced team will get the job done right, on time, and right within budget.

Our Tree Service offers prompt, reliable, safe, and cost-effective tree services throughout Elkhart, Texas.