New Construction

If you are looking for professional contractors to help you with your new construction project, you can always take our help.

3H Contractors is an experienced and reliable construction agency, offering services in Tyler, Texas, and other neighboring areas. Ever since we began operating, we have had the objective of delivering exceptional construction projects. After all, our work is our passion and that keeps us committed to meeting your needs.

You can say we are after your satisfaction. We realize that every client has different needs and we strive to meet them no matter what. It is because we have a belief that client satisfaction is what provides us with actual success. Seeing you happy and satisfied with your construction project, makes us satisfied and proud. In fact, we take pride that over the years, we have worked with diverse clients and we have helped them in accomplishing their objectives.

So, convey your ideas and we will build them for you. Whether you need a new home, a shed, or a steel building, we can construct it for you.

Our work approach is quite simple. We take a number of steps and it results in the successful construction project you need.

Knowing your Ideas: In the first phase, we focus on communication and understanding. Without comprehending your ideas and the nature of your idea, it is not possible to construct a home or even a building that meets your needs. Thus, first of all, we spend some time going through the details you share with us and communicating with you.

Formulating a Strategy: Once we have your ideas down, we formulate a strategy that can help us in delivering the new construction solution you require. In simple words, it is a map that lays out what must be done and how it will be done. In this phase, the right teams are assigned for different tasks as well.

Construction and Sharing: According to the initial sketch, we begin to build your house or building bit by bit. As we complete deliverables, we communicate with you and share the results. You can watch as we progress and continue to build your house or building. With your approval, we complete the construction of the building with the use of advanced and reliable technologies.

Furnishing: The last step is all about furnishing the building for you. We refine the interior of the building just as you want.