Home Builder and Remodeling

Want to build or remodel a home? No worries, we have got you.

If you have a great idea about your home, tell us immediately about it. We will make it real.

We believe that our clients are amazing thinkers and they can come up with some stunning ideas. If you think that you have an idea about what you need in your house, you can let us know about it and we will analyse if it is feasible to approach it or not. Sometimes, your idea needs a bit of modification before it becomes feasible.

Still, you don’t have to worry.

Our expert builders will brief you about your idea and whether it would be feasible to pursue it or not. If your idea really is suitable, they will tell you what must be done now. They will guide you with how the work is going to be carried out. You can keep connected with us and get the necessary details as the work progresses.

First, we will complete all the documentation by understanding your idea, expectations, and a suitable design for your house. Then, we will design all the aspects and areas which your house will need and let you know about them. If you are satisfied, we will move on to the next stage of actually building your house. Simple as that.

In the end, we will deliver not just a house but rather a home for you and your family.

We offer reliable home building services in Tyler, Texas, and all other neighboring areas. It means that you can contact us and we will be sure to quickly reach out to you.

Your home should suit your needs and it should express you. There is a reason why 3H Contractors are recommended for house building. After all, we make sure to satisfy our clients with the outcomes that we deliver. We devote efforts to creating stunning home designs and then actually bringing them to reality.

We make the approach of house construction methodical and smooth for our clients. In addition, we support our clients and customers at all steps. From the moment you contact us to the day you walk through the door of your own house, we support your needs and your dreams.

Our experienced team will be there to help you throughout the home building process to make it easier for you. We will help you build a house that expresses you or remodel a home.