Garage & Shops

Whether you want to build a garage or a shop, you can count on us. 3H Contractors is a reliable construction agency with expertise in the construction of garage & shops.

We are one of the top builders for garages, metal buildings and shops in Tyler, Texas, and neighboring areas. In fact, we help you get garages and shops at the prices you need. Thus, we help you find the best deal that you can afford easily.

You have a specific idea in your mind about your shop or garage. You can share your ideas with us and we make sure to empower them. Whether you desire a detached garage, an attached garage, a two-car garage, or a framed garage, we build it for you. In fact, we enable you to customize the style of your garage to get the polished look that you desire.

You can always rely on our certified team to professionally and properly install your garage.

When it comes to a garage or a shop, we provide a number of different materials and styles. It means that you can find the style that best suits your needs. In the case of a garage, you can choose a custom design, 2-car, or 1-car garage for your home. In addition to it, our garages come in a number of materials including panel, composite, steel, wood, vinyl, and aluminum options.

Similarly, we offer plenty of design options to choose from when it comes to shops. You can choose the materials and even the layout for your shop, and we will build it for you. It is just as simple as that.

Other than being one of the leading contractors in garage & shops, we even provide you with custom-built sheds, garage repairs, and maintenance services that you can take. Even when you need to remodel your shop, you can reach out to our shop, metal building and garage builders Tyler, Texas and we will be sure to help you out with it.

Everyone has different styles and preferences for garages and shops. That is why we provide you with customized plans for not only garages but also shops that you can consider. You can contact us whenever you want and we will be sure to provide you with a free inspection that you can use. It will give you an estimate of the necessary costs.

We can help you get your dream garage or shop. You just need to share your requirements with us.