Dirt Work Contractor Companies Bostick, Tx


Distinction is what defines us. We provide what it needs to build a high standard community.  The name of our company is ((( 3H Contractors ))). Below are the things we offer in the city of Bostick, Texas

Dirt Work, Land Clearing, Pond Clearing, Grading, Water Flow, Ditches, Re-shaping driveways, Sidewalks, Sewer Lines, Drainage Road Edges, Trenching Digging Services, Brush Clearing, Dirt Excavating, Wall Shafts, Landscaping, Excavation Services, building Foundations, Reservoirs, Land and House Construction, Tunneling and roads.

In Bostick, we have a wide variety of services to offer based on your needs. We care about our land, our environment, and our people. Our environmental services include pond clearing, ditches, water flow projects, and much more. To exploit water resources as much as possible, we build the best reservoirs in the region. Reservoirs need extensive knowledge to reach the maximum benefit, and that is where we stand in such projects. If you happen to own a land property that needs brush clearing, we are at your service with our efficient equipment and best prices. Digging services at 3H Contractors are also unique. This is because our experts are the best at working with care and are highly professional. In addition to our experienced employers, we execute projects requiring digging with the most up-to-date machinery and tools. The most common digging services we offer are related to trenching projects such as building sewer lines and underground foundation supports. We also work on projects related to excavation such as dirt excavating.

Caring for our people is another thing we excel in. Providing the best for our community is our goal. That is why we stand with prominence in community-related projects. Landscaping services are one of our top priorities. You can work with us to modify massive areas of our land for the better. We also serve in projects focusing on building new roads, reshaping old ones, and caring for extra details, including sidewalks. However, we can also work on an individual level. We can build your dream house for you. Depending on your needs, our experts can evaluate your land and do what is necessary. This includes dirt work, land clearing, and grading services. We can also do the building foundations and the final house construction. At our company, we respect every detail involved in your project until it is real. Choosing us is choosing excellence.

Here are a few other services 3H Contractors offer throughout Bostick, Texas and all nearby cities throughout East, Texas. Land Improvements. House Slabs, Parking Lots, Retaining Walls, Grading & Leveling, foundation repair, Concrete & Asphalt Services, Driveways, Sidewalks, Sheds & Storage, Metal Building Installation, Home Building, Home Renovations, New Construction, Garage and Shops Builders, Wall Removals, Room Additions, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Flooring Services, Drywall and painting Services, Attic Renovation, Roofing and Siding Contractors, Window Repairs and Installs, Gutter Services, Deck Remodeling, Patios and Walkways, Fence Installation, Fence Removal, House and Home Demolition, Interior Demolition, and Home Improvements. Call now for a free estimate.