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Tunneling and underground Excavation in Edom, Texas.


Dirt Excavating Contractor Companies in Edom, Tx

If you want to build something, a house or a building, that will last, you need something strong and long-lasting to build on. To start the process of building your dream home or a building that suits your taste and aspirations, we need to do something for you first.

We need to clear the way. And as we clear the way, we need to make sure that everything is safe for everyone.

How do we clear the way for your dream home with the beautiful lake or the building with the fountain on a pond?

3H Contractors excavating Company in Edom has the best skills.

We provide excavating services for residential and commercial clearing and building purposes.

There is technical knowledge unique to excavation and its process. We cannot compromise on its importance because excavation will give that stable surface on which you can build your project on. Suffice to say that if the process of excavation is compromised, you risk and compromise your safety and your project will not stand for long.

To excavate is to move earth, rocks, debris, and other materials to create a hole to construct a foundation on. We move materials through the use of equipment, explosives, and tools.

There are a number of reasons why we excavate. Generally speaking, excavation can be carried out for the purposes of mining, exploration, environmental restoration, and construction. Among these, construction is the most common reason for excavation. For construction purposes, the main objectives are usually to create foundations, reservoirs, and roads.


There are two crucial preparations before the process of excavation begins:

  • Job site examination to make sure that the natural habitat is preserved
  • Boundary-setting to plan for the size and depth of the excavation site

Once these crucial preparatory steps are carried out and the drawings have been made for the plan, the process in general involves these steps:

  • The setting out of corner benchmarks
  • Surveying of the ground and top levels
  • Excavation in Edom to the approved depth
  • The dressing of loose soil
  • Cut-off level marking
  • Dewatering wells and interconnecting trenches and its construction
  • Boundary-markings for the building
  • Construction of protection drains

3H Contractors offers services on clearing, dirt-work, grading, leveling, and other excavation services. We also specialize in trenching, wall-shafts, tunneling and underground excavation.

  • Trenching is excavation when the depth and length of the hole created is greater than its width. Trenches can be as shallow as 6 meters. Greater or deeper trenches are more than 6 meters in length. Trenches are utilized to lay in foundations, pipelines, and carrying out of services.
  • Wall shafts are the entryways or openings to underground tunnels utilized for the entry and exiting (the delivery) of materials while drilled shafts are cylindrical shafts driven into the ground and filled with concrete for deep foundation mechanisms or solutions.
  • Tunneling is the process of creating structures to establish underground passage to bypass an obstacle, lay in pipelines, and create sewage systems, to name a few.
  • Underground excavation is mostly for ground excavation to facilitate water and sewage systems, telecommunication and power lines, basements and foundations, and rail and road tunnels.

There are fine-detailing techniques in the process of excavation that are mechanical and scientific. No one can just excavate in Edom, Tx, the right knowledge and expertise have to be acquired with the right equipment and tools, and key preparations have to be made.

Our Dirt Excavation Company in Edom, Texas values safety, expertise and top-quality skills, and valuable experience in the excavating industry. Our process is finely detailed, seamless, and we get down to the granularity of your excavating needs.

Call us and set an appointment. We service clients for residential and commercial excavating needs and purposes in Edom, Texas.